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15 May 2012

Hi dan Assalamualaikum semua :)
Woh's? Yaa, thats me :)

Ya, i'm PMR Victim's , my focus is to learn to succeed :)
I'm just alive with, Mama, adik, family and friend's :)
Especially, myLOVELY MAMA. Noraishah Binti Abd Soud. Mama, Happy Mother's Day! 

I like to tweet anytime. Online anytime and text anytime.If study time. I will focus for that. Ya, sure can be reminded :)
I have several bestie, which have always been with me. 
I was lucky to get them!
I'm going to school, back from school, 
i just rest a few minutes, then i clean my house and study.

My life, 

will be okey. without 'boyfriend' Huhh : /
Act, NOT. k. but i'm trying! to not expect anything.
Hmmm, difficult to build a new life.

Dear ex,
 Hi and Assalamualaikum.
Thanks be my 'boyfriend' for one year or  a few month. Hmm, thanks because make me happy, cried, crazy and so on. Hmm, i'm still love you all. My dear ex. I'm hoping you can be the best for your future life without me. Can? Hm. good :')

Takecare all my exlove! Much more love :*
Abdul Mutalib Bin Sabir, Azlihafiz Bin Abbas and Muhammad Faris Bin Azmi.
You, you and you. Always in my mind :')
Especially, Azlihafiz Bin Abbas. I Paling sayang you :'B

Sincere from,

                      NUR HAZWANI BINTI SAZALI.

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